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Asylum Boats

twigs, woven matting, chicken wire-varying sizes

Over the last few years I found the plight of boat people very distressing… these small boats were shown with the prints Looking for Freedom in response to our government’s inhuman attitude to asylum seekers.



Caged Series

materials - woven twigs linen thread, tin cans, bitumen, hakea twigs.

An interest in Bestiaries led me to make this series of strange animals in cages.



Word Works



Wish List

Recycled tin cans, wire mesh, wire, composite wooden box

171 x 9.5 x .5 cm



Hymn of Reconcilliation

60 books on 60 stands
handmade paper with inserts, cotton thread,
wax, transfer print text, metal rods & mesh,
1.70 x 4m x 4m



What is There
is Not Always
What You See

10 units Twigs, wood,
linen thread, Gum
bi-chromate prints,
20 x 20 x10 cm each unit



The Mound

Welded mesh segments arranged in quarters, tea tree branches
4m diameter



Terra Australis

4 artist books, 10 animals cut out of recycled tin cans, arranged in a two shelf wooden frame:
pine timber, twigs, linen thread, tin, bitumen, paper, transfer prints,  
80 x 136 x 14 cm


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